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Day with my kids

   Uncategorized   October 4, 2017  No Comments

How it started Today I spent the remainder of my day with my kids. It was a very fun day, we went out to eat and spent time with the family. My son is doing great in his new class. He showed me his report card and he is getting…

Cooking Tips

   Uncategorized   June 3, 2013  No Comments

Cooking Tips In this article, we will be discussing our m ain cooking tips and pointers. When we approach cooking, we want to approach it in a way that gives us the best result each and every time consistently. I remember 4 years ago when I was cooking in m…

Eating on a budget

   Uncategorized   March 3, 2013  No Comments

Planning your diet. This blog will give you all of the tips you need to eat on a budget, while also eating as healthy as possible. Sometimes learning to cook when we are on a budget can seem difficult, but the reality is that it can be quite easy. First…