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My name is Christina and I am the mum of the sweetest, funniest little boy and the wife of a very patient man. I never planned on being a housewife when I was growing up. I always thought that I would have a career which is why I went to university and got a Bachelor’s degree and then a Master’s degree. I keep dreaming that I will get a job in my field but they are few and far between. In the meantime, I just keep taking online courses and a few in class ones. I focus more on the business world now but I always keep an eye on what is going on with local history and museums in the area. It is hard to let go but I’m pragmatic enough to know that I need to cast a wide net if I am going to get back into the career world.

The Buffy & George blog started as a site where I could ramble on about my dogs to know one in particular. Very quickly I discovered that I wanted to also write down the recipes that I make at home with Buffy and George in the kitchen with me, cleaning up everything I drop. George ate half a raw onion once – that didn’t end well. George is generally more quick on his feet, and Buffy likes to lay down right where she shouldn’t. That is my girl though. She tries really hard but is just not athletic. She is really clumsy; I can’t count the number of times she has tripped going up the stairs, or run into the side of the couch when she was trying to jump up onto it.  Pretty funny stuff. Whenever she trips, we just tell her how pretty she is and that it was a good try. Her clumsiness doesn’t bother her one bit. As for George, we can’t leave anything close to the edge of the counter because he will jump up and get it. He is only a little cockapoo, but the little bastard has springs in his legs and doesn’t give a crap about getting caught.

I worked at Chapters for a while after graduation and then we moved to the U.S. for a year and a half and I couldn’t work because of Visa restrictions. After moving back I had some shitty jobs, got pregnant and had my sweet little Timothy, so that put a big hole in the career plans. I went back to work after maternity leave but it was a really shitty situation so I quit. Timothy goes to daycare still part-time because our daycare provider loves him and he loves her. We are finding the balance that works for us and our Tim. The people that know Timothy can attest that we are doing something right because he is such a happy little boy.