Day with my kids

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Day with my kids

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How it started

Today I spent the remainder of my day with my kids. It was a very fun day,

we went out to eat and spent time with the family. My son is doing great in his new class. He showed me his report card and he is getting very good grades. We went out to eat and got some Mexican food. I know my last blog was about not eating carbs and staying away from carbs especially when being on a budget. Well, this time, we only ate half of our meal and I felt ok throughout the whole process. As a family, we always want to eat well when it comes to our health. Especially since weight problems run in our family. 





That’s the funny thing about eating carbs, is that they digest easily but they put on the most weight.

Trying to change our diet for the better.


After we had the Mexican food, we wanted to all sit down and have a conversation on how we should all start eating healthier. So you can say that we now have

a promise to eat healthier and start living healthier lives. I want to m

ake small steps for me and my family to consume more organic foods and food that is rich in vitamins and minerals. First I will start by this amazing read that I found about the best minerals that can be found in our foods. Potassium and magnesium are quite essential in our diets. So far from what I’ve learned about it, these minerals help with our muscles and nerve function. They also help with keeping your weight under control.

How eating less can actually improve your health.

Sometimes we think that “more” is better. In reality, less can be more. The same goes for the foods that we eat and the vitamins that we consume. If you spend all day eating the foods that you like, I suggest that you spend more time eating foods that are healthy as well. This way you are finding a good balance between what is necessary and what isn’t. Most of us only consume the things that we like on a daily basis. This goes for things like pizza, tomatoes, fresh avocado, and spinach. These things can help you with your levels of iron and magnesium. When we don’t eat these types of foods, we tend to feel groggy and dehydrated at some point. This obviously is a type of feeling that we don’t want to have over time. We recommend that you spend most of your time getting proper exercise as well, this will enable you to make better decisions and get more done throughout the day. This is a new way that you can eat healthy foods and make better choices as you continue to be more conscious of your health decisions. Most of us let the foods we eat consume us on a daily basis. We recommend informing yourselves on the right foods to eat.



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