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Cooking Tips

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Cooking Tips

In this article, we will be discussing our m

ain cooking tips and pointers. When we approach cooking, we want to approach it in a way that gives us the best result each and every time consistently. I remember 4 years ago when I was cooking in m

y kitchen and how I would approach my day to day cooking. In my beliefs, less is more when it comes to cooking. I feel that a lot of people tend to overdo things and that is not the right way to do it. There is a saying that quality is better than quantity. I personally believe in both. Have you ever been to

a restaurant where they serve you food in very small amounts? However,

at the same time, you wish you were served more. There is a restaurant by my house that has a combination of the two. They serve high-quality food while remaining things in a large quantity. This way, you are getting a lot more of wait you paid for and getting the best deal possible.

Fruits vs. Vegetables vs. Carbs

The is an interesting topic that most people talk about very often. The battle between fruits, vegetables, and carbs. Which one do we eat? It is also important to note that all of these can be used in our cooking if used properly and evenly. For example, carbs are usually the easiest to digest because they have the lowest amount of soluble fibers within them. At the same time, they are the most fattening for us and cause the most health issues. Are we supposed to eat fruits and vegetables? The answer is yes. The only problem with these food sources is that they are very high in fiber and can be hard to digest at times. Sometimes the health benefits that we get from these foods aren’t really worth the toll that they can take on our bodies. Having said that, I still use them in my day to day cooking. When buying these fruits and vegetables you can make sure they are riper than anything. You want to pick these from the plant when they are ripe, this way you are able to digest the food properly. You can read about the dangers of carbs here.

Local Food sources vs Store bought.

Buying fruits in a store that aren’t locally picked and in season means that they were picked unripened and shipped. Since the lectins were not taken out of the plant, means that we are getting these harmful proteins into our bodies. You want these plants taken off the plant when they are fully grown and prepared. So at this point, you may ask, what types foods can we eat? Well, you can eat any of these as long as you eat them in moderation from time to time. The foods you want to star consuming are more of the lead greens and any green for that matter. Fruits do not offer the greatest benefit for us. Always drink water as well, this will allow you to digest all of these foods in a healthier way that enables you to have better health and better living.

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